Parental Rights: More necessary now than ever

Did you ever think there would come a day in America, supposedly, arguably, the freest country on the planet, when we would need to fight for something as organic as parental rights?

Sadly, that day has come. As you read this, parents’ rights across the country are being kicked to the curb. It’s become a national phenomenon for entities and “experts” outside the family to dictate what is “best for the child.” Your child. My child.

Courts and lawmakers are excluding parents daily when it comes to making decisions for minors in this country. I’m not talking about abusive or neglectful parents who are in need of someone to make decisions for them. I’m talking about involved, high profile, responsible parents who are active in their children’s lives.

Public schools have become a virtual battleground for the hearts and minds of our children. Parental engagement is touted as welcome and promoted, but just try to voice an opposing opinion to proposed curriculum and see how fast you are escorted out of the room. Moreover, your opinion on your child is welcome for no longer than three minutes in a public forum once a month.

Courts convict parents for keeping sick children home from school

Parents are slowly discovering that they have little or no say in whether or not their child’s absence from a public school is considered “excused.” Responsible parents will keep their child home when he or she is running a fever or otherwise ill. In May of this year, Julie Scott Giles found out the hard way that her thoughtful parenting decisions were justification for arresting her – ankle shackles and all. Her honor roll son had “unexcused” absences beyond what was allowed by the district. In checking on this story it turns out that Mrs. Giles is not the first parent in the state of Georgia to be convicted according to the Screven County Schools superintendent William Bland. Read his remarks here.

Parents are forced to give children vaccinations, like it or not

Parents have the fundamental right to choose for their child whether or not to have their child vaccinated.

Currently, laws are in place, and more are being enacted, that mandate children have certain vaccines or they will not be allowed access to public schools, and as is the case with California’s SB277, private schools or public day care programs as well.

California’s SB277 not only threatens parents with their own taxpayer funded schools, the new language does not make allowances for personal (religious) beliefs either. You may read the text language here.

In spite of the controversy surrounding the HPV Rhode Island follows Washington D.C. and the Commonwealth of Virginia in making it mandatory for young girls. In DC girls must have the vaccine or they will not be allowed to enroll in 6th grade.

Medical kidnappings in the name of “what’s best for the child”

Like vaccinations, medical decisions for one’s child are a sacred responsibility held by parents. There was a time when parents seeking a second medical opinion before putting their child through a drastic, possibly unnecessary procedure or beginning a medication, all of which have side effects, were considered responsible, level headed. Today those same parents are witnessing the kidnapping of their children right out of their arms by “authorities” who “know best.” It is a twisted thinking if you can call it thinking at all.

In 2013 the Justina Pelletier case received national attention when she was removed from her parents care because competing members in the medical field (I can’t even call them professionals) differed on Justina’s diagnoses. Her parents spent 16 months fighting to get her home. What is more, Justina’s health declined while in the “care” of the people who “knew best” how to care for her.

Also in 2013, in California, Mr. and Mrs. Nikolayev had their five month old, Sammy, taken from them by Child Protective Services because they wanted a second opinion on whether or not heart surgery was necessary. Again, two medical communities differ on their opinions so the obvious answer is to traumatize the family and usurp the parent’s authority? Sammy was returned to his parents by order of a judge however, and sadly, it was with the condition that CPS have regular visits.

These medical kidnappings are not isolated incidents. The irony here is that these children are being taken from the parents who are SEEKING medical care for their children.

Dismissing parents rights altogether on medical decisions

Every parent who has paced in a surgical waiting room while their child was “under the knife” knows the gut wrenching feeling of having made the decision to allow the surgery. That decision - whether a life saving emergency surgery or an exploratory surgery on a sick child – belongs to the parent/s.

In the state of Nevada a child, not yet of age (18), may have an abortion without her parent even being notified, let alone being asked for permission. This same minor cannot be given life saving insulin or a fever reducer, in a public school, without written parental permission or doctor’s orders - but an invasive medical procedure, that may end horribly, receives the state seal.

Parental rights need protecting

The moment one becomes a parent the sacred duty to raise and care for that child belongs to the parent. The wrong people are inserting themselves into the upbringing of our children and they are doing so with poor judgment and bad decisions.* When our rights are ignored, or stripped from us, it is our children who pay the price. Our fundamental rights, as parents, need to be protected. Please join me today in supporting the Parental Rights Amendment. By protecting your parental rights you will be protecting your children and your grandchildren.

You may get more information from ParentalRights.Org here. You may contact me or simply show your support by leaving your contact information at and typing PRO in the memo line.

You may sign the ParentalRights.Org petition here.

Choose to take action today.

*There is much more to be said here as there is a United Nations Treaty that is being pushed - hard- by certain parties in our country. If signed on to it would overide U.S. laws in favor of the UN Treaty known as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Familiarize yourself with the CRC here.

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