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My journey into Common Core State Standards began after my friend, Amy Bauck, brought her concerns to my attention in 2012.  At the time I was working and truly did not want to hear about an "educational" issue.  A short time after that I caught Emmett McGroarty, of American Principles Project, being interviewed on television speaking on the same subject.  He echoed Amy's concerns and then some.  What disturbed me more than the "standards" was the control the federal government was exerting over the soveregnty of the states.  II have no academic prowess to argue the quality of the standards themselves but as a human being with natural and God given rights this power  grab by the federal government was a wake-up call   As an American who loves this country and has always (and apparently, naively) believed the leaders of my country felt the same way - it never dawned on me that the day would come when I would have to take a stand against my own government.  But I take this stand - For My Children.

-Christina Leventis

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