Do you think matriculation would sky rocket in a Common Core college?

My husband and I recently celebrated the high school graduation of our oldest daughter. In thinking about her years of accomplishments I couldn’t help but be relieved that she was out from under the Common Core State Standards Initiative and given the impeded implementation here in Nevada she was less harmed by it, academically, than younger students will be.

Our daughter’s acceptance into a well-respected eastern college also got me to thinking again about how the CCSSI is continually pushed on us with lies and spin.

Think about the college application process with regard to the Common Core State Standards Initiative. What if colleges used their own version of the CCSSI and were truthful about it when promoting their offerings to incoming freshmen? Unlike K12 education, college is not compulsory, thus I imagine matriculation would drop overnight as the promotion would look something like this:

BNW college-001.jpg

No wonder the pushers of CCSSI need the federal government to bully everyone.

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