Band of Mother's Tour in Las Vegas - May 11, 2015

  • Personal data is being collected on public/private school children and families daily.

  • The Secretary of Education continues to bully states.

  • School leaders cut physical education from curriculum and then send home "fat" letters to parents.

  • American history is being buried in English courses but there is time to press for sexuality curriculum in our classrooms?


  • Parental rights are taking a backseat to government wishes.

  • Rights to elect local leadership is being threatened.

  • Right here in Nevada we have legislative Chairs refusing to bring important-desired bills, regarding minor children, to a vote or even a committee hearing.

These issues and more will be discussed at the Band of Mother's tour on

Monday, May 11, 2015.


4 May 2015

National Band of Mothers Tour to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas — A new kind of grassroots organizing is coming to Nevada when the Band of Mothers makes a tour stop in Las Vegas on May 11, 2015. It’s a public, fun-filled, daylong event capped with a mom’s and dad’s night out designed to catalyze and jumpstart local networks of parents so they can equip themselves to advocate for their family’s individual rights and priorities in education and childrearing.

“For centuries, the United States been home to a unique culture of self-government, where people spontaneously get together to meet their own needs and those of their neighbors,” said Joy Pullmann, a mother of four who organized the tour with the help of several dozen friends from across the country. “Those closest to children—namely, parents and families—are those who understand individual kids’ needs most. But nowadays we’re often an afterthought in the worlds of education reform and social policy. So we thought it was time we stood up, linked arms, and began to reclaim our right to shepherd our kids’ lives.”

The event will feature in-state leaders, including Elissa Wahl, Christina Leventis, and Patrice Tew. The goal is to empower everyday moms and dads to understand the many societal and technological advances that are influencing their children so they can make educated decisions and connect with likeminded parents to affect related public policy. Our priority topics are parent rights, academic excellence, child data and privacy, and testing.

The Band of Mothers doesn’t aim to be another group of busybodies who think they know how everyone else should live. We’re everyday mothers, fathers, and private citizens, not celebrities or politicians, who want to join our peers from all walks of life to support each other’s freedom of choice in education and childrearing.

To pre-register for this conference ($20 full day, $5 parent’s night out only), visit…/las-vegas-tour-stop/. Registration at the door will be $25.00 full day, $10.00 parent's night out only. Thank you!

About Band of Mothers

The Band of Mothers is a project of the League of Extraordinary Parents, which aims to catalyze decades of renewed parent and civic engagement in U.S. education. The League is a non-partisan grassroots advocacy organization that coordinates and amplifies the voices of our members in service of our mission. We strive to reach people not full-time politicos or activists, but moms and dads who care about their children.

Media Contact

Christina Leventis, Las Vegas Event Host 702-336-7377

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