Senator Harris: What happened to SB290?

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It has taken me the better part of the month to end the pity party I threw for myself once I realized Senator Becky Harris had no intention of bringing SB290 to the Senate Education Committee for a hearing. She has also given no reason for her stand-alone decision that effectively silenced the teachers, parents, and students of Nevada.

SB290 is a good bill for Nevada’s long suffering students. SB290, like Oklahoma’s bill, would have repealed the Common Core State Standards Initiative and the aligned testing and forced Nevada to bring in real education. I’m loathe to use the word “forced” because – why would a state of leaders who continually spout, “it’s for the children” need to be forced to do the right thing “for the children?”

Here are some questions all Nevadans need to ask:

  • Why would Senator Harris refuse to hear the one and only bill on the repeal of the Common Core State Standards Initiative?

  • Why was a first year Senator with no educational background (seems to be a theme in Nevada) be hand picked as the Chair of the Senate Education Committee by Majority Leader Mike Roberson?

  • Why has Senator Harris not explained herself to the parents and teachers and the remaining tax payers of Nevada for her refusal to hear SB290?

  • Do we not elect people to the Senate and Assembly to carry our voices?

  • Or do we elect them to silence us?

  • Does Senator Harris care that The Common Core State Standards Initiative has proven itself to be ill-thought out and costly?

  • Does Senator Harris know that the CCSSI is slated to cost the tax payers of Nevada a minimum of $175 million without one cited piece of evidence that it is proven to produce elevated learning?

  • Does Senator Harris have any children currently suffering in the K12 public CCSSI scheme?

  • Why doesn’t Senator Becky Harris want better for the students of Nevada? “For your children?”

Senator’s Harris’s refusal, for whatever reason, signals to me that she is unfit to hold office. To stand idly by and do nothing when parents, students, and teachers across this great state are calling for relief is unconscionable. My pity party has ended and I’m ready to take action again and join with all parents and teachers on behalf of my children and all the students of Nevada who want to learn outside of the box – who want an education that doesn’t flat line at the lowest reachable standard of proficiency – who want to spend their time truly learning-not gearing up for another damn test!!

Call Becky Harris today, 775-684-1421, and demand an answer. Don’t stop calling. Add her phone call to your to do list: Laundry, dentist, Becky Harris, kids soccer practice. Do it again tomorrow. Let’s make every phone call her secretary receives about Common Core to the point that SENATOR Becky Harris rethinks her decision to run for an office in which she thought the people of Nevada would just shut-up and go away.

Becky Harris answers to the people of Nevada – let’s remind her!

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