A vote for SB290 is a vote for my child

Parents and other taxpayers, who may have thought they were long forgotten by their legislator, now have hope.

SB290 - Senator Hammond's bill to repeal Common Core and it's aligned testing is nothing short of freedom from educational oppression.

We don't need to get lost in the weeds arguing for this bill. We've been arguing for years. Senator Hammond has graciously taken our arguments and thoughtfully wrapped them up for presentation to the elected that serve "We the People" of Nevada.

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All we need to do is make our position clear: A vote for SB290 is a vote for our children.

It's time for all politicians to mean what they say. "It's for the children" has long been code for making politicians sound good while covering for wasteful spending that does not further education.

Phone your legislator today and tell him or her - unequivocally - that a vote against SB290 is a vote against your child. Further, if they will not support your child, you will not support them. Ask every voting family member to do the same. Nothing in this life is more important than our children. I believe a good number of representatives have lost sight of that. Let's give them a friendly reminder.

#SB290 #CommonCore #SenatorHammond

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