West Virginia activist comes clean on CCSSI opposition funding

On March 3, 2015 Truth in American Education published an article on the meltdown of Karen Nussle, the executive director of the Collaborative of Student Success, in which she exposed her outrage at the state of West Virginia’s House passing a bill that will repeal the Common Core State Standards and keep control of education in local hands. The horror! People governing themselves? Who’d thunk it?

But a Common Core peddler losing her mind is not really big news. You’d have to be out of your mind to support CCSSI.

The big news is that the article prompted a Common Core opposition leader from West Virginia, Angela Summers, to come clean on the funding source for West Virginians to “campaign” for local control and a repeal of CCSSI.

Now this is transparency!

I’m sorry to report that this is also the funding source for Nevada and perhaps 7 other states standing against the billions of Gates Foundation, Eli Broad Foundation and the many other never ending deep pockets that help to fund Ms. Nussle and other Common Core pushers.

Parents and teachers and all grassroots leaders who are squeaking pennies from this poor little guy to stand David-tall against the Goliath-machine that insists on pushing CCSSI on the nation’s students should take great pride that we have done so on our own with only the love of our children as motivation.

CCSS Opposition funding.jpg

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